Activities, Tutorials and Houses

  • Activities
  • The school annual days witness a kaleidoscope of events performed by students.Teachers script produce and choreograph highly imaginative programme every session. Services of professionals are also hired if the need is felt.
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  • Tutorials
  1. Skating
  2. Karate
  • Clubs

Environment Club – Members all boys from class IX and X.

Debating Society – Members all girls from IX and X.

Literary Society – All girls from Xi and XII.

Dramatic Club – all boys from XI and XII.

  • Environment Club – Incharge 
  • Mr. Sukhbir Singh
  • Mr. Varinder Singh
  • Debating Society – Incharge
  • Mrs. Savita Bansal
  • Mrs. Nidhi Sharma
  • Dramatic Club – Incharge
  • Miss. Supriya
  • Mr. Kulveer Singh
  • Literary Society – Incharge
  • Miss. Simranjeet Kaur
  • Mrs. Sandeep Kaur