Information About Houses


The following activities will be performed by the trainees during Tutorials and Houses. The Tutorial and House in-changes keep record of activities organized /conducted by their houses during its tenure and also keep the record of participation and performance of the students

To provide intimate personal contact with teachers, each student will be assigned a tutorial group under a tutor whose duty will be to guide him/her. The tutors will try to remove the personal and academic difficulties of the Students. All the students will be divided into 4 tutorial groups: Dr.Radhakrishnan House, Tagore House, Gandhi House, Nehru House. Each tutorial group will remain on duty for six months

The following activities will be performed by the teacher Trainees during tutorial house on duty:-

  1. 1. Conducting Morning Assembly every month
  •   i)Identification of Good Speakers
  •   ii)Identification of Good Writers
  •   iii)Identification of Good Singers
  1. 2. To organize Inter House Function
  2. 3. To organize at least one Seminar
  3. 4. To keep the discipline in the college campus
  4. 5. To maintain the display boards.
  5. 6. To celebrate the important days falling in the semester.