Psychology Lab:-

pscho lab

  1. Our College, Pine Grove College of Education, Bassi Pathanan, Distt. Fatehgarh Sahib was established in 2007. This Psychology Laboratory was established from beginning.

The main purposes or objectives of this Psychology laboratory are:-

  • To enable the student to understand way of conducting psychological experiments.
  • To give practical experiences to B.Ed. and M.A (Education) student teachers about some of the psychological concepts and principles.
  • To enable the B.Ed. and M.A (Education) students to apply scientific method for the solution of psychological problems in psychological laboratory.
  • To give B.Ed. and M.A (Education) students living experience about conducting of psychological experiences in their class room situation in the near future.
  • To apply the knowledge of various psychological experiments and tests in school situation.

Facilities in the Psychology Laboratory:-

In this Psychology Laboratory we are now having near about 38 psychological tests (verbal non verbal, performance), personality inventory, projective techniques creativity tests, Social-economic scale. Achievement and Achievement motivation Tests, study habit, social intelligence scale, Emotional intelligence scale, self concept scale, and attitude scales etc. 

We also have sensation and perception Psychological instruments learning and memory equipments and other equipments like stop watch etc.

Uses of Psychology Laboratory:-

This Psychological Laboratory was useful for B.Ed. and M.A (Education) students to understand way of conducting Psychological experiments. Also apply the knowledge of several of Psychological experiments and standardized psychological tests in their school situation at future. 

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  1. Language Lab:-
  1. Use of Hi-Tech Language Lab in teaching learning process at P.G.C.E
  2. Language Lab is used in (English ,Hindi, and Punjabi ) for teaching/learning through teacher’s Console and Language Learning Software. It acts as a platform for learning, practicing and producing language skills through interactive lessons and communicative mode of teaching. It has a capacity of 20 students. Learners act and respond in a variety of ways at their own pace. Language lab has the following objectives, purposes, functions to work upon at P.G.C.E.

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  2. Stay in controlStay in control – Monitoring the students from the teacher’s PC when they are on self learning. Reinforce learning- Facilitating broadcast and sharing files from Teacher’s PC to the other student workstations through audio, video, text and image. Teaching with software that is approachable- Pairing and grouping the students to facilitate group discussions. Content authoring to create course material, and tests. We ensure the best learning results
  3. 1. Stay in control
  4. 2. Reinforce learning
  5. 3. Teaching with software that is approachable
  6. 4. To ensure the best learning results

  8. 1. Live Audio & Video broadcasting-We broadcast Audio and Video from any analog source i.e. DVD, MP3 & CD etc
  9. 2. Monitoring the student’s workstations – We Monitor students’ screens as a whole and also on individual basis from the teacher’s workstation To take control or terminate applications on any student computer


Speech drill exercises-We practice voice based activities like speech drill exercises through model imitation, voice recording, voice graph and variable speed playback to neutralize accent & acquire fluency.

 Group Discussions- We bring the students into random or standard groups to conduct group discussions and role plays from their workstations. Live recording of discussion content for each group so that the teacher can provide feedback on their performance.

 Content Authoring and conducting online examination- We combine text, video, images and audio to design customized course materials. We create, edit and score exams, quizzes and tests using text, graphics, audio and video. Techniques to improve macro skills of language Though Language Lab.

  1. Techniques to Improve Listening
  • 1. Perception / Pronunciation
  • 2. Phonetics
  • 3. Interpretation
  • 4. Listening to words


  1. Tools for Listening:-
  2. 1. Acoustics
  3. 2. Usage of language laboratory
  4. Organizing listening comprehension activities
  • 1. Understanding the setting
  • 2. Pre-teach difficult vocabulary
  • 3. Focused listening
  • 4. Comprehending
  • Educational Technology Lab:-
  • ET Lab
  1. We have well equipped modernized Educational technology Lab with all the ultra modern equipment:-
  • 1. OHP ( Over Head Projector)
  • 2. Mike
  • 3. Audio cassettes
  • 4. TV
  • 5. Amplifier
  • 6. Still Camera
  • 7. Slide Projector
  • 8. Video Cassettes
  • 9. Digital Camera
  • 10. Pen Drives
  • 11. Laptops
  • 12. CD’S


  1. Science Lab / Maths Lab:-
  2. sci lab
  3. The Lab has been designed to train the students of Physical and life Science. We have models, Charts, Film Strips on Scientific Topics, Audio- Visual aids, skeletons of animals and plants etc.
  5. 1. To determine the melting point of work
  • 2. To Verify the Laws of Reflections
  • 3. To Verify the Laws of Refractions
  • 4. To Study the parts of Candle Flame
  • 5. To prove the use of a glass prism


  • 1. Preparation of hydrogen Gas
  • 2. Parts of candle Flame
  • 3. Human eye Lens
  • 4. Periodic Table
  • 5. Chemical Bonding


  1. Maths Lab:-
  2. For proper understanding of mathematical techniques of teaching we have trigonometric, algebraic, Geometric, Models charts and CDS.
  3. Computer Lab :-
  4. computer lab
  5. We have a Hi- Tech, decent Computer Lab with the provision of 55 computer sets and well furnished setting to educate a group of 55 students at a time. The internet services are freely accessible for all the students and staff.
  6. Art and Craft Room:-
  7. art craft
  8. It Provide artistic and creative environment to carry various fine arts activities and prepare for various fine arts and black board writing and sketching competition.
  9. 1. Pots
  10. 2. Flower arrangements
  • 3. Glass Painting
  • 4. Fabric Painting
  • 5. Clay articles
  • 6. Canvases
  • 7. Colors – Oil , Poster
  • 8. Crayons


  1. Utilization:-
  2. Its provide artistic and creative environment to carry various fine arts activities and prepare for various fine arts and black board writing and sketching competition.
  3. Curriculam Lab/S.St Resource Centre
  4. DSC_0685

It provides creative environment to make models of different teaching subjects. It also includes models of all subjects prepared by students during last session. 


  1. Library:-
  2. lib
  3. Librarian
  4. (Ms.Parmeshwarpreet Kaur)

We, at Pine Grove College of Education, Bassi Pathanan believe in what Carl T. Rowan has said “The library is the temple of learning, and learning has liberated more people than all the wars in history” We aim to produce quality professionals who can create information technology driven “temples of learning” as we provide them comprehensive training and hands-on experience on every aspect of Education. Our aim is to impart the students, knowledge of all the dimensions, which includes the latest developments in the area of Education.

For that purpose we have a rich collection of books in our library. It has more than 2500 titles and 6500 books. More than 11 printed journals, different kinds of periodicals and 8 newspapers are being subscribed to enlighten the minds of our students. We ensure that all the students completing their B. Ed degree and M.A.(Education) Degree from Pine Grove College Of Education, Bassi Pathanan (FGS), Campus are ready to serve in any kind of School be it traditional, Modern, Special or Public. I wish all the students a great success and a rewarding career!


The Library is equipped with computer and communication network facilities and houses more than 6500 books and has a seating of 60 readers. The library mission is to make its resources available and useful to its readers. The library is in developing stage. It is growing day by day in collection and services. Library has included 12 sections -:

  1. 1. Text book Section
  2. 2. Reference Section
  3. 3. Newspaper Section
  4. 4. Journal Section
  5. 5. Magazine Section
  6. 6. Reading Section for Students/Staff Members
  7. 7. Keep Belongings Section
  8. 8. Internet Surfing Section
  9. 9. Book Bank Section
  10. 10. Online Cataloguing Section
  11. 11. Circulation Section/Reference Desktop
  12. 12. M.A (Education) Section


  • Number of books-6500
  • Titles-2500
  •  Number of journals- 11
  •  Number of periodicals- 18
  •  Number of Encyclopedias –128
  •  Number of Reference Books- 572
  2. 1. Recent Researches In Psychology    (Quarterly)                                     
  3. 2. Resonance (Journal of Science Education)                                        
  4. 3. Current science (A Fortnightly Journal of Research)
  5. 4. Indian Journal of Adult Education (Quarterly)
  6. 5. Journal of  Education (Annually)
  7. 6. School Science (Quarterly Journal of Secondary School)
  8. 7. Anweshika – Indian Journal of Teacher Education (Half Yearly)
  9. 8. Journal of Indian Education (Quarterly)
  10. 9. Psychology & Developing Society (Online Journal)
  11. 10. Journal of Human Values (Online Journal)
  12. 11. Indian Educational Review


  2. 1. Standard Textbooks and Books by well known authors are stocked and every effort is made to obtain all titles recommended by the faculty.
  3. 2. Working Hours:  9.00 am – 3.30 pm Monday to Saturday
  4. 3. Membership: 200 (B.Ed.) Students +29 M.A (Education) Students+ 29 Staff Members
  1. 4. Management and Computer Science Department Library : Our Library has specialized collection of books, Journals, magazines. The collection is 6500 books, 11 Journals and 18 Magazines.

Our online Journals: JHV and PDS

  1. Library Management Software: We-Excel
  2. Contact No: 01763 – 326710
  3. Multipurpose Hall:-
  4. multipurpose hall
  5. Seminal Hall has the Capacity of 500 persons with effective sound system as well CD Projector.
  6. Play Ground:-
  7. sports
  8. College Campus provides to the students the facility of Green Lash ground so that they can play and enjoy themselves in the ground.
  9. Canteen:-
  10. canteen
  11. College has the facility of a specious and clean canteen that caters to the taste of all students. It is well maintained with efficient service. It is a placed where students relax with friends to enjoy good quality, delicious and healthy food at nominal rates. It is definitely to treat for all students.
  1. Stationary Shop
  3. There is a stationary shop in the institute which provides photostat facilities and required stationary be it charts files, pens, colors etc.

  4. Transport:-
  5. transport
  6. In addition to fast frequent public transport service. The management provides buses
  7. for students.